Soft Form Collection by Alvin Huang

June 16, 2013

Singapore-based designer Alvin Huang has launched his latest collection ‘Soft Form’.

The collection includes the Venus Chair, the Asteroid coffee table and the Magma side table.



In this new collection, Alvin expresses the softness in aesthetics through the design of various furniture.

Asteroid, coffee table
The concept of “Asteroid” is derived from the idea of creating a large concave surface in the centre for storage or display. It is shaped seamlessly to blend from concave to convex surfaces which emerge as support for the glass top. Circular rubber tabs on the four pillars prevent the glass top from slipping off the pillar. The table can also be transformed into a different style by simply turning the table over and placing the glass into the recess, creating a table with four legs.

Venus, chair
With its wide and outstretched backrest, the ”Venus” chair seems to reach out for a hug. The smooth contours on the backrest give the chair a soft outlook and at the same time, embrace the user within comfortably. This design language of “soft form” further extends to the exterior body and legs with its rounded edges and smooth surface transitions.

Magma, side table
“Magma” is a sculpted form inspired by the viscous fluid found inside a volcano. The side table is designed with smooth flowing curves and fluid surfaces which merge with its circular ends to reflect the concept of “soft form”.

Designer: Alvin Huang
Photography: Jerome Lee