Solar by Jean Marie Massaud for Foscarini

June 12, 2013

Jean Marie Massaud has designed Solar, a floor and table lamp for Foscarini.

You can watch a ‘making of’ video – here



A contemporary hearth to gather around, which irradiates a warm ambient light, a diffused glow, both poetic and relaxing, marked by a line that mirrors the terrestrial curve, in sync with nature.

This is the vision behind Solar, which is not just a lamp but a new type of object, resulting from an emotional approach to space and distinguished by the hemispherical shape inspired by the celestial vault, while the resting surface recalls an eclipse. It is a symbiosis between nature and culture that recreates the soft luminous sensation of dusk or dawn.
At home or in the open air, Solar teams the emotions stirred by the light with the sculptural appeal of its shape. The light source is enclosed within a completely translucent hemisphere, the circular cross section of which is upturned and also used as a resting surface. The light appears to be compressed downwards, affording the effect of a diffused luminous glow, that is delicate and never glaring.

The two versions, depending on their intended use – whether indoor or outdoor – differ in some significant details. In the indoor model, the resting surface is slightly concave, with the edges slightly raised, while the outdoor version was designed with a flat surface flush with the edge, to allow the rain to slide off the surface. The surface finishes are also different: glossy white or dark wood for the indoor version, a textured material for the outdoor version.

Versatile in its intended settings, it is also designed to be tilted in several positions, providing different types of lighting and hence affording different atmospheres, depths and effects. The hemispherical body, made of waterproof and unbreakable polyethylene, remains perfectly stable even when it is tilted by 15°.

A bright, warm and intimate center of attraction, Solar has an impressive ability to distinguish settings. In scenic compositions, such as in hotel lobbies or in the garden, it creates suggestive light paths.

Designer: Jean Marie Massaud
Manufacturer: Foscarini