Sonntag Seating by Tim Kerp

January 9, 2009

German designer Tim Kerp has sent us photos of his new seating called Sonntag.

From Tim Kerp:

There are many ways how people can find together to chat and sometimes those ways are influenceable. The seating furniture Sonntag brings people back together and creates an atmosphere of togetherness and community.

By having the choice of many seating positions, Sonntag offers a flexible usability and allows to react spontaneously in a conversation. The concept of Sonntag improves our communication and encourages people to get together.

All ribs are shaped precisely out of wood with a CNC milling maschine, so they can easily be put together. Screws are only used in supporting parts to guarantee the best stability of the furniture.

Clearly visible are the various seating positions, generated by using three levels. The optimal use is between three and two persons for each module, so a certain privacy is perpetuated. If more pieces of Sonntag are placed next to each other, conversations within the room are as well possible.

Visit Tim Kerp’s website – here.


Visit Tim Kerp’s website – here.