Soundscape Sofa by David Caon and Juicy Design

August 9, 2011

David Caon and Juicy Design worked together to create the Soundscape Sofa for Audio Technica’s retail space in Sydney, Australia.

The sofa is made from a number of layers of EchoPanel, a 100% recyclable PET product.


Description from David Caon:

The Soundscape Sofa is a free standing retail concept designed and built for Japanese brand Audio Technica.  David Caon partnered with local Sydney design firm Juicy Design  to conceive the project.  The Soundscape provides a structure upon which customers can sit and relax while sampling the Audio Technica products.

The Soundscape is equipped with six touch screen listening docks.  The touch-screens allow the users to either sift through an ‘inboard’ catalogue of music or plug in their own audio device to listen to through the headphones.  Each dock has a different headphone and the customer can explore the sofa’s rugged landscape and sample the various products.  The software which powers the touch-screens was custom designed for this application, making the Soundscape Sofa a truly bespoke product.

The design is a result of a necessity to keep the costs low combined with a desire to achieve a truly 3D shape.  The Soundscape is constructed from 66layers of 12mm Echo Panel board cut by waterjet.  Soundscape was originally created as a 3D sculpture and then horizontally sliced at 12mm intervals to create the individual layers.  These layers were then broken down even further to fit the standard panel size of the Echo Panel product.  The result was a complicated 3D jigsaw which was assembled around an internal chassis and then transported in sections to the site with Sydney’s CBD.  The manufacturing method coupled with the sculptural design resulted in a piece which, in plan view, resembles an topographical drawing inspiring the ‘Soundscape’ name.