Space, Light, Sound and Drugs by Cochenko and Quatorze

April 26, 2011


CCPP – Chantier créatif de prévention partagée – Space, light, sound and drugs

CCPP is a design collaboration between the Collectifs Cochenko and Quatorze. It was carried out by Butong together with the two collectives. The installation will travel to schools and institutions in a drug awareness campaign commissioned by the French Ministry of Culture and MILDT.

Through the creation of a hallucinogenic space, chance is given to discuss drugs with the visitor. Space, light and sound is interacting with the visitor, giving a personal experience created by the visitors movement and mindset. Only one person is allowed inside at a time and may stay for as long as he/she wants to.

The installation contains three continuously linked spaces – pleasure, repetition and awakening. Entering the first space, the door is shut behind the visitor, who is given beauty and tranquillity. Soft, crystalline music and subtle light phenomenons, bring peace and pleasure.

Sliding into the second space, the surroundings are closing in around the visitor. A harsh sound- and light environment is brought on the person, who is deprived of direction and is given heaven and hell in a quick rhythm.

In the last space the visitor starts to reach for reality and a numbing bass is growing through the body, giving a will to leave for solid ground.

This truly collaborative installation was initiated through a series of idea-generating seminars, organized by Cochenko at the ENSAPB School of Architecture in Paris. The students wanted to work with light and sculptural space to illustrate different aspects of druguse.

A group of students and young architects, known as Quatorze got deeply involved and contacted the newly started Butong France to realize their bold organic concept. Drawings for wooden boxes were extracted from a 3D-model. Every box is unique and draped with concrete panels using a special technique developed by Butong giving translucent panels of free-form using only concrete.

The wooden floor hide triggers that activate different scenes manipulating the subjects experience of the journey through the container. Thus reflections on drug use and abuse are raised.

There are no pamphlets or brochures in the installation, no pointing fingers, only a mind-opening experience and a chance to reach people coming for the installation. An opportunity to talk to people lured by architecture.

French Ministry of Culture
Quatorze team: Sylvain Gaufillier (chichou), Damien Beslot, Joachim Bolanos, Antoine Demarest, Romain Minod,
Butong team: Benjamin Levy, Augustin Brisedou Sagot
Photographs: Per Lundström, Lucas Haegeli