Spill by Matthias Pliessnig

February 13, 2011

Matthias Pliessnig has sent us some new work he has recently completed. The Spill bench seating was created for the lobby of the Alexandria Center, a new building in New York City.

He has also made a video that shows the making of the piece. Watch on YouTube – here.


Description from Matthias Pliessnig:

The title of the piece(s) is ‘Spill’ and each pair measure 27’x8’ made of steam bent White Oak. The pieces have an area for seating with upright support and wide expanse area for bench seating. They sit in the lobby (between the entrance of the building and the entrance of the Riverpark restaurant) of the Alexandria Center, a new building on the New York City east side. The structures were inspired by the human form, geometric flow, furniture functionality, and the interior space itself.

Visit Matthias Pliessnig’s website – here.