Spindent Pendant by Nick Sadowsky

December 3, 2013

Sydney-based designer Nick Sadowsky has created the Spindent Pendant using anodised aluminium and FSC certified oak.


From the designer

The Spindent pendant’s simple and clean aesthetic combines elegance with sustainable design principles. Its smooth lines and symmetry ensure effective application in both commercial and residential spaces. Components interlock without adhesives or screws and fit within each other for efficient distribution. Spindent utilises anodised aluminium and FSC certified Oak.

The design challenge with Spindent was ensuring the piece was a combination of maximum aesthetic impact with minimal environmental impact. In addition to sustainable principles being applied all throughout the products life-cycle. This then meant ensuring minimal wastage, low impact finishing processes (anodising doesn’t release any heavy metals and uses water based chemicals) and sourcing FSC certified timber. Moving along the products life-cycle saw the desire to assemble without any adhesives or screws and then to distribution where a compact packaging solution meant efficient distribution.

Dimensions: W (diameter) 206mm x H: 215mm

Design: Nick Sadowsky
Photography: Penny Clay