SPLIT House by Superkül Architects

May 3, 2011

Superkül Architects have designed the SPLIT House in Toronto, Canada.


Description from the architects:

Split in plan and section, the parti of the house allows for a flood of light to the centre. The house is designed as space for spectacle – the owners are regular hosts of their large network of friends and family, and they wanted a place that could feel grand. The trick with this was to make a house that could also feel intimate for when they were on their own. A rich brown wood floor that connects with the ipe deck outside serves as a counterpoint to the high ceilings of the main space, and connects the inside to the outside. This, in combination with the design of smaller more intimate spaces and moments throughout the ground floor make for a house that is equally good for two as it is for 30.

From the interior the house has views of the sky and the neighbourhood, and a strong connection to the landscape and pool out back. The use of a buff coloured brick and ipe siding make for a warm exterior material pallette.

Visit the Superkül Architects website – here.

Photography by Shai Gil