Sprung Chair by Jason Klenner

February 1, 2012

New Zealand-based designer Jason Klenner has created the Sprung chair.


Description from the designer:

This investigation challenges the way that people view, participate with and value everyday objects through creating interactions that can be described as surprising, memorable, enjoyable, light-hearted and even exhilarating when compared with mass market equivalents.

Sprung, in addition, challenges the conventions associated with a seat’s appearance, structure and use by integrating two materials in the seat pan that are not generally combined in the field of furniture design – elastic cord with a flat plastic sheet.

When sat in Sprung provides unexpected and enjoyable sensations for both the user and observers. The 2-dimesional plastic sheet seat flexes into a 3-dimensional springy form, offering a dynamic ongoing bouncing motion.

Designed as a limited edition object, Sprung incorporates 65 metres of hand-stitched elastic shock cord. Currently Computer Numeric Control (CNC) stitching processes are being explored as an automated alternative to the limited edition original for commercialisation.

Visit Jason Klenner’s website – here.