Spun Lamps by Evie Group

August 26, 2011

Australian design studio Evie Group have created the Spun Lamps collection.


The Spun light was inspired by the classic wooden top toy. In this, the concept was transformed into a decorative lighting piece, available as a floor, table and pendant lamp.

Continuing the theme of playfulness, the design is flexible in its positioning of angles as a floor and table lamp with the addition of a rubber base support piece. The wire pays further homage to the traditional top, which is able to be wound around the lamp or loosely placed on the floor, resembling a top after it has spun.

The polished mirror finishes of brass and silver colours and curved surfaces, create an interesting reflection of the surrounding environment. When positioning the two lamps sizes in clusters, the play of light is emphasised, creating a bold statement to any space.

The Spun lamps do not have any visible screws or fasteners on the outer surface. This creates a clean lined design, mimicking the smooth profile of the spinning top.

The frosted glass shade is securely held in place with an innovative screw method. A thread is moulded into the glass during manufacture with three locking points. This allows a simple twist of the glass shade to access the LED lighting when needed.

The electrical wire (flex) has intentionally been made long to become a feature of the lamp. The rope like wire relates back to the winding up and spinning of the top allowing an element of play with the floor lamp and its display.

Visit the Evie Group website – here.