Squeezophone 360° Speakers by Claudio Colucci

April 9, 2009

Kenwood, a Japanese manufacturer of audio electronics, will present the Squeezophone 360° speakers, designed by Claudio Colucci, at the 2009 Milan Furniture Fair.

From Kenwood:

The Squeezophone 360° is both a beautiful object and a technical challenge. The main challenge was to keep a structure in Corian designed by Claudio Colucci and create its sound. Therefore, Kenwood aimed for an omni-directional 360° sound to let the people be able to turn around the object. The realization is spectacular: there is no visible parting line. The speaker looks like a single huge piece. The other merit of Corian for sound is to avoid any vibration at all.

Squeezophone 360° is composed of two stereophonic loudspeakers. Each speaker has a 3-way system consisted of a woofer, a full-range driver and a tweeter. The sound is reproduced in a very natural feeling to surprise and satisfy the most exigent audiophiles.

Visit the Kenwood website – here.   Visit Claudio Colucci’s website – here.