Stave Side Chair by Christian Elverhøi Thomassen

February 4, 2009

Christian Elverhøi Thomassen, a design student at Norway’s Oslo National Academy of the Arts, has created the Stave Side Chair.

If, besides always satisfying our need for a good rest, a chair also has an appearance that encourages you to question your own preconceptions about the composition of the physical objects that surround you, then it will, at the very least, make you stop up and take a rest. By means of its proportions and special character, or the sentimental associations it awakens, a chair can talk to you and so instigate a dialogue between you and your surroundings.

Stave’s character is the result of the encounter between the homogeneous framework of its back and sides on the one hand, and the eclectic seat composed of scrap pieces of wood on the other. The framework gives the chair a look of uniformity, while the seat makes each individual chair unique and gives it personality – a personality that might make you think of barcodes or a pile of macaroons, or that can even awaken feelings of national identity.

Materials: Untreated ash, lacquered birch, stained ash, pear tree, yellow oak, maple.

Thomassen will join his fellow students from the Academy when they present their latest work at the 2009 Stockholm Furniture Fair (February 4th-8th).