Sticks and Stones Furniture at IDS West

October 19, 2010

Sticks and Stones Furniture, a Canadian manufacturer of concrete and wood furnishings, recently exhibited their work at the IDS West show in Vancouver, Canada.


Description from Sticks and Stones Furniture:

Sticks and Stones Furniture creates signature designs fusing wood and concrete, showcasing the tensile beauty, strength and motion latent in the two materials. Working with reclaimed wood products and recycled materials; Sticks and Stones products convey a modernity that appeals to the lifestyle and design of West Coast living.

Sticks and Stones is a fusion of wood and concrete furniture, showcasing the strength, elegance and pliability of its materials.  “We design and build simply stunning pieces to enhance live and work spaces and we enjoy what we do,” Roland Benesocky, wood designer.

The Squamish, BC based company prides itself on the belief that business can be successful, sustainable and ethical.  Sticks and Stones hires locally, sources over 90% of materials from within 100 miles of Squamish and donates 1% of sales to Me to We.

Sticks and Stones is a collaboration between Yves St Hilaire and Roland Benesocky, two designers with a passion for life who value ethical business practices and superb craftsmanship. It was serendipity that brought Yves and Roland together.  Each was working in their area of expertise when a conversation started in the back lane about fusing wood and concrete and making beautiful furniture.  From there Sticks and Stones was born.

Roland “Sticks” Benesocky, a graduate of the Fine Furniture Program in Victoria has always been attracted to wood as a working medium and how he’s able to bring forth the design from the wood. An avid mountain biker, Benesocky has had many opportunities to gather inspiration from the natural world, especially living in Squamish, BC “The outdoor recreation capital of Canada.”

“If a piece is going to be built well enough to last for many years, then the style of the piece must also be current many years from now. Clean lines, good proportion, and choice materials all point to timeless design,” states Benesocky.

Yves “The Stone “ St Hilaire has been an entrepreneur for most of his life.  After working with concrete commercially he started toying with the idea of bringing concrete inside the home, as he was witness to its versatility as a design material.  From there, the artist within came out. St Hilaire states that “design to me is a balance between the outcome, the function and the correct use of mediums.   I also like to keep in mind the life cycle of a piece – where the material comes from, whom it’s designed for and how long it will last. “

Yves and Roland are proud of their creations and the story behind each piece. “It seems the growing trend is to have locally created, artfully designed pieces that are made with planet earth in mind,” says St Hilaire “and that makes us extremely happy.”

Visit the Sticks and Stones Furniture website – here.