Stream Sofa by Arik Levy for Palau

January 27, 2012

Arik Levy has designed the Stream Sofa for the dutch furniture manufacturer Palau.


Description from Arik Levy:

Working on the Stream sofa was a wonderful experience combining passion, relationship and great manufacturing. Stream is not just another Sofa for me. It is a platform to meet and connect. Like a river that streams, the sofa will swing around the space creating a kind of micro architecture within the room.

One feels hugged and contained looking in or away from the seating area. Very comfortable seating height, various backrest heights and add on pillows permit easy adaptations to everybody’s personal comfort.

A large number of configurations within a flexible system gives every owner the possibility to grow the set as the changes in the living area may take place. But I also wanted to create a color and texture landscape with this product. The structural part of the seat can be covered with one material or color and the seating pillow and backrest with a different one. The proportions, size and composition animate the space elegantly. Last but not least the container box underneath the side table is a great storage space.

Visit the Palau website – here.