Supadupa Sofa by Alexander Lotersztain

July 8, 2010

Australian designer Alexander Lotersztain has created the Supadupa sofa.


Description from Alexander Lotersztain:

A sofa consisting of 3 modular units; corner, lounger and ottoman. The units create a range of seating configurations. A simple wooden frame is covered by three layers of foam with various densities, with a hard foam base and final layer of foam chunks in a bean bag like format underneath the leather upholstery.

The concept was to create a sofa with ‘bean bag’ qualities of comfort and casualness. All vertical seams have been designed with a drawstring system to create the softer/fat look by gathering the leather, the vertical drawstrings also assist in keeping the intended shape.

The upholstered leather cover is removable.

Visit Alexander Lotersztain’s website – here.

Photorapher: Florian Groehn