Supermarkets with Style

June 28, 2008

MPREIS is a chain of grocery stores in Austria that have some very unique architecture. Each of the seven locations are designed to be different, and they’re far from the typical dull square box that most supermarket chains normally go with. But it isn’t just the exterior architecture that’s interesting, the interiors also offer a much more stylish shopping experience than the average supermarket. The remarkable nature of the stores is actually part of their marketing plan.  They learned that if they build beautiful stores, people will want to shop there, amazing how that works, huh?

Location: Achenkirch, Austria

MPREIS Supermarket

Achenkirch Supermarket

Supermarket Chain

Location: Bahnhof, Austria (notice the mirrored ceiling)

MPREIS - Bahnhof

Modern Supermarket Interior

Contemporary Supermarket

Location: Niederndorf, Austria

Contemporary Grocery Store

MPREIS Supermarkt

Modern Supermarket

Modern Grocery Store

Location: Sölden, Austria

MPREIS Supermarket

Contemporary Supermarkt

Contemporary Grocery Store

Interesting Architecture


Location: Telfs, Austria

MPREIS Supermarket

MPREIS - Telfs

Telfs Supermarket

Austrian Supermarket

Location: Tannheim, Austria

MPREIS - Tannheim

Modern Supermarket

Contemporary Supermarket Chain

Location: Wenns, Austria

Contemporary Grocery Store Chain

MPREIS - Wenns