Surfin Bird by dreikant

December 11, 2013

Maciej Puzon and Caspar Schmitz of design studio dreikant have created Surfin Bird, a birdhouse made from wood and metal.


From the designers

Aviary or simplified nest box? Surfin Bird stands above this distinction. In the summer and spring season the wooden box provides safety for the breed. Cleaning the inner housing is no big deal as it can be taken out the metal frame easily.

In winter the entire wooden housing can be removed to reveal an open feeding ground. By attaching a strong magnet hook a bird fat ball or similar food can be hung up easily. Drilled holes, which are vulnerable to corrosion, become unnecessary.

To retain the the natural wooden look all pieces are being treated with wood oil. Surfin Bird is available in five different RAL colors or plain steel.

Design: dreikant