Suzusan Luminaires

May 30, 2012


SHIBORI is a Japanese textile finishing technique which, even though it can look back on a tradition spanning centuries at the island state, is virtually unknown in the Western world. Master Hiroshi Murase, director of Suzusan, is practising this craftwork in the 4th Generation already. His small arts and crafts business in Arimatsu/Japan finishes textiles and fibres in lavish craft work, using the Shibori technique.

Based on Murase‘s ideas, three-dimensional patterns, exciting contrasts or soft fluid colour transitions are created on select fabrics. All fabrics by Suzusan feature playfully light-weight materials and colourful designs. They spread a magic which does not just excite textile lovers.
Come and enter the new world of textile design!

Hiroshi Murase has been living the art of Shibori for more than 40 years. His passion and his quest for perfection are the motivating forces for his craft – thus he and Suzusan vouch for the quality of the products, which are purchased by fashion designers, interior architects and furniture designers. Internationally renowned designers and labels such as Junya Watanabe, Calvin Klein, Issey Miyake and Yohji Yamamoto have already discovered for themselves the variety of Suzusan fabrics.

In early 2008, Murase‘s son – Hiroyuki Murase – opened the Suzusan Showroom in Düsseldorf, Germany‘s fashion capital. This is the family business‘ first step towards further opening its business relations to the international market and thereby spreading the knowledge of the Shibori craftwork and the Suzusan fabrics beyond the confines of Japan.

Visit the Suzusan website – here.