Swing Rocking Chair by PAULSBERG

September 9, 2013

German design studio PAULSBERG have created the Swing Rocking Chair.



Swing is not just a piece of concrete furniture, the chair’s striking features combine stability with fun and comfort.

Just 5 mm thin, the structure of the world’s first rocking chair made of carbonfibre-reinforced concrete shows high finesse. Ergonomical Shape and upholstering with bio-leather guarantee great comfort. At the bottom third, a sheet of leather is applied, protecting the floor. Swing is handmade and available within a limited edition of 100 pieces.

Black-Gold Version – A creative approach to a new material cannot just help to reach a greater audience but in many cases can be the first step to understanding the characteristics of the material. For the global company HERAEUS, we visualized the possibilities of their innovative carbon-gold fabric, based on the design of our rocking-chair Swing. The task was to visualize the optical effect of the new material, when bent into a three-dimensional form and to demonstrate the processability of the new gold thread, in contrast to conventional precious metal threads. Concept, design and planing of the technical implementation was done by PAULSBERG, as well as the scenography for the photographic presentation of the product.