Swing-Up by AquiliAlberg for Serralunga

April 1, 2009

Milan based designers AquiliAlberg have created Swing-Up, a flower pot, pouf and side-table, for the Italian furnishings manufacturer Serralunga.

Below are some preview images. They will launch the product at the 2009 Milan Funiture Fair.

Visit AquiliAlberg’s website – here.   Visit Serralunga’s website – here.

The research study of Aquilialberg is expressed in the development of an innovative stackable pot, where a single module, because of its controlled geometry, could be stacked, thus evolving in space in a sinuous and calibrated plastic torsion expanding its dynamism in space, both vertically and horizontally.

Overlaying the units generate an interesting and versatile plastic effect that goes beyond the function, opening the imagination to the most different uses. The form, with the simple addition of a lid, can be used as a side-table and container or, with the further addition of a cushion, as a pouf and container.

Obtained by the rotation of 60 ° of two equilateral triangles superimposed and spaced in height, the form appears simple but at the same time full of spatial complexity. It returns a new quality to the sensuality and dynamism of the image, constructing the form in an exchange of continuity between lightness and dynamism. The spiral movement which is obtained by stacking the units, generates a continuous flow of enveloping lines that elevates the sign for expressive dynamics sinuosity.