TableTron by Marc Sadler for Capo d’Opera

December 13, 2013

Marc Sadler has designed a new table called TableTron, a tribute to the 1982 “cult movie” Tron for Italian-based manufacturer Capo d’Opera.

TableTron will be shown at Imm Cologne in January.


From Capo d’Opera

Tribute to the 1982 “cult movie” directed by Steven Lisberger, science fiction film realized by Disney Production, avant-garde and milestone for the massive use of computer graphic. It’s the base of Tron table to be inspired by mathematic logarithm: a complex steel net made of asymmetric modules welded in a double-cone shape. The peculiar structure of the table ensures perfect stability to the top, and a stunning stage appeal.

Top is available in chamfered glass or many different kinds of wood (oak, rosewood, louro preto, ebony, canaletto walnut, teak).

With this further innovative design project Capo d’Opera company shows its purpose to become ever more a reference point for converting even the most daring fantasies of architects and interior designers into reality, thanks to the well-documented knowledge of different materials and relative manufacturing techniques.

Design: Marc Sadler
Manufacturer: Capo d’Opera