Taboo Lounge, Bar and Restaurant by Guilherme Torres

November 26, 2010

Brazillian architect Guilherme Torres has sent us photos of the Taboo lounge, bar and restaurant in Curitiba, Brazil that he designed.


For the project of Taboo lounge, bar and restaurant , Guilherme Torres was  inspired by famous night clubs of Paris and New York.

Since its opening, it has been one of the high spots in Curitiba, Brazil. The owner, Guilherme Torres’ friend, asked him to elaborate a proposal taking as the starting point the old building of the previous bar.

The old building was totally refurbished, creating a wider space with contemporary ambiance. Striking and minimal, the new façade has straight and clean lines defined by perforated sheets of rusted steel standing for the high-tech aspect of the building. At night the façade gains a special illumination that values the geometric design and places the volume in evidence in the urban setting.

The warmth of the interior environment surprises those who have seen the building only from outside. The metal sheets acts as a skin that involves another box, of lower height, bounded by steel structures and closed with big glass panels.  In the inner perimeter, the span created between both walls accommodate the illuminated  bamboo garden that surrounds and humanizes the space. With capacity for 380 people, the house runs to the rythm of electronic music and is distinguished by its sophisticated menu of contemporary cuisine.

Visit the Guilherme Torres Studio website – here.

Photography by Rômulo Fialdini