Take Kagu Bamboo Furniture by Sachiko Segawa

June 15, 2009

Japanese designer Sachiko Segawa, a student at Sweden’s Konstfack University, has created a collection of bamboo furniture called Take Kagu as her final degree project.

“Take” is bamboo and “Kagu” is furniture in Japanese. I grew up in the countryside of Japan and my house was located just in front of a bamboo forest. When I walk in the bamboo forest, I have a very special feeling that is intricately related to my childhood background. Nowadays, there are several problems with bamboo forests, but on the other hand, bamboo itself is focused as an ecological and sustainable material.

There is an interesting project involving a bamboo forest that is going on near my hometown in Japan. This project is producing bamboo plywood and furniture made from this material.

Through the combination of my background and this new material, the aim of my degree project has been to create a bamboo forest feeling with furniture made of bamboo plywood. Furniture design can create feelings and emotions of nature and can achieve a connection with a new material technique.

Visit Sachiko Segawa’s website – here.