Teluria Candelabra by Note Design Studio for KLONG

September 4, 2012

Note Design Studio have created the Teluria Candelabra for the Swedish manufacturer KLONG.


Description from the designers

An original “Tellurion” is a mechanical representation of the Earth-Moon-Sun system that reproduces the relative movement of the three bodies. The model visualizes the causes of night and day, solar and lunar eclipses and the phases of the Moon.

The thing that intrigued us with the mechanical contraption and what we wanted to put emphasis on in our candelabra was the beautiful way the light was reflected between the spherical bodies. The five arms of the Telluria candelabra can be rotated into different positions and the twelve orbs will amplify the flames and the surrounding space.


Title: Teluria
Object: Candelabra
Client: KLONG
Dimensions: H 45 cm
Material: Iron, copper surface
Year: 2012
Photo: Mathias Nero