Tempe Urban Living by Baldinger Architectural Studio

April 27, 2010

Baldinger Architectural Studio designed Tempe Urban Living, a fifteen unit residential project, located in the university town of Tempe, Arizona.

Full description after the photos….


Description from Baldinger Architectural Studio:

Tempe Urban Living is a fifteen unit urban infill project located in the university town of Tempe Arizona. The dwellings are designed as modern Tri-level units. The three levels are connected by an open stairwell that acts a light shaft, drawing light from a large skylight at the top deep into the dwelling unit. Semi enclosed roof top terraces expand the livable space year round and frames views of the city’s skyline. The dwellings are open-plan, uncomplicated and feature solar shading, energy efficient mechanical systems, enhanced day-lighting and minimalist Architectural detailing. Extensive Italian tile surfacing, Italian kitchens and cabinets, European appliances and plumbing fixtures complement the minimalist design and enhance the modern living experience. A simple palate of forms and building materials is employed. Sand blasted masonry is exposed both at the exterior and interior of the project to contrast with the brightly colored exterior “rain screen” cement board cladding and the smooth surfaces of the interior Italian tile.

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