Tenda Lamps by Benjamin Hubert

September 28, 2012

British designer Benjamin Hubert has created the Tenda Lamps.


‘Tenda’ is a  series of textile lamps launching at the London Design Festival as a result of Benjamin Hubert’s materials driven research.

‘Tenda’ Italian for tent is comprised of materials from a diverse mix of industries:

Fibre glass rods from the kite manufacturing industry
Lycra from the sports industry
4 way stretch mesh from the underwear industry
A construction technique from the tent industry

The primary component of the lamp series is a multi layered construction of textile. The exterior is covered by  a quad-directional high stretch micro mesh. This give the lamp its volume and an ethereal lightness with a sense of varying opacity depending on your viewing position. The internal layers are constructed from Lycra which diffuses the light source. The interplay between external stretched convex curves and internal concave forms creates a dynamic typology of components and progressive design language. These layers of textile are supported by flexible fibre glass rods held in tension by textile and brass connectors.The technical textile system has been developed in house over a period of 12 months after several iterations of prototyping and testing.

Design: Benjamin Hubert