Terranos Cabinet by Jack Frost

September 16, 2012

As part of the London Design Festival, CONTEMPORIST visited the Common Wealth exhibition of young Australian designers at the Habitat store in Chelsea, where Jack Frost was exhibiting his Terranos Cabinet.


Description from the designer

“The Terranos Cabinet is my first major piece that’s been produced while studying at the Central Institute of Technology. The name ‘Terranos’ is an amalgamation of the Latin terms Terra and Novus that translate to Modern Land.

Inspiration for this design came about by studying the rural Australian landscape and aerial photography. The undulating exterior of the cabinet represents the beautiful natural contours of Australian topography, which was then manipulated into a geometric form. The front drawer cut-outs are overlayed aerial photographs taken from satellite imagery.

The cabinet’s design prevents objects from being placed on top which would detract from its aesthetic landscape form. Despite this, it is a functional cabinet with over 160 litres of storage. This comprises of five touch to open drawers using Blum Tip-On for Tandem running gear.

Design: Jack Frost

Photography © CONTEMPORIST