The 1290 Live/Work Residence by Sigrid Miller Pollin

January 15, 2009

Architect Sigrid Miller Pollin has sent us photos of the 1290 Live/Work Residence, located in Amherst, Massachusetts, that she designed.

Visit Sigrid Miller Pollin’s website – here.

Read the full description after the photos…

Sigrid Miller Pollin

Some of the furniture that was designed for the house:

The following text is from Sigrid Miller Pollin

Site Description: The site, a flag shaped lot, located in south Amherst, Massachusetts has dramatic eastern views to a nearby meadow and to the Pelham hills beyond. The siting was constrained by the shape of the flag lot, a large required front yard setback, incorporation of a common driveway shared by two other residences, perimeter wetland areas and preservation of a hay field to the east of the building site . A ten foot east -west drop in grade elevation within the buildable area allowed the lower level to be tucked into the existing slope.

Design Solution: The 1290 Studio and Residence is inspired by and a transformation of the traditional white clapboard New England farmhouse. The house takes its cues from the specifics of the site and a contemporary programmatic mix of living and working on the site. A sweeping curve connects an art and architecture studio workspace on the west, a drive-through arbor in the center and living space on the eastern portion. The living/dining space opens ups exuberantly to views of the meadow to the east while maintaining privacy with high walls and clerestory windows on the side oriented toward the street. The operable clerestory windows on the west and operable view windows on the east provide cross ventilation through the living/dining space. The traditional screen porch at the lower level is reinterpreted with an aluminum frame grid.

The studio/work wing is located perpendicular to the residential bar of spaces. This L-shaped plan forms an entry garden area with a cobble stone driveway that doubles as a patio area for outdoor entertaining. The small scale drive way passes through an arbor designed for climbing, flowering vines. This arbor area collects rain water in a large drain and two adjacent gutters. The rainwater now exiting below grade to daylight on the lower portion of the site will be collected in a retention tank and harvested for various on site needs in the future.

Exterior materials are horizontal painted shiplap cedar and white ground face block. The standing seam steel roof is reminiscent of the metal barn roofs found in the region.

Sustainable Design and Planning Aspects:
Creating a live/work environment
Radiant heating through out
Rainwater harvesting
Natural light and ventilation through out
Bamboo flooring
Locally produced ground face block with recycled granite chips
R-38 ceiling insulation R-28 Wall insulation
Membrane-smart vapor barrier
HomeSlicker Rain screen beneath siding
Working with sloped site to maintain existing slope
Local artists and crafts people: stone work, concrete counter tops, furniture and light fixture fabrication
Interior Art work by UMass Amherst artists

Visit Sigrid Miller Pollin’s website – here.