The 2008 Blu Dot Furniture Collection

June 26, 2008

Thanks to Judy for sending us these images of the 2008 collection from Blu Dot, a Minneapolis, Minnesota based manufacturer of modern furniture.  They launched the collection at ICFF back in May, but most pieces were still in production then, and it’s only recently that they’re becoming available for sale, or at least pre-order, you’ll still need to wait a bit longer for all the pieces to be available, but you can check the website and get an order or pre-order on most pieces now.

Visit the Blu Dot website – here.

Chicago Media:

The Dwell Lounge Chair:

Paramount Sofa:

Son of a bench:

Knicker Barstool:

One Night Stand sleeper sofa:

Real Good Barstool:

Swept Sofa:

Paramount Sofa:

Timber Chair: