The 2010 Collection From Bonaldo

May 1, 2010

Italian manufacturer Bonaldo have provided us with photos of their 2010 collection of furniture.

Description from Bonaldo:

Together with designers who have formed a partnership with Bonaldo in the past – Bartoli Design, Gino Carollo, Mario Mazzer, Alain Gilles, Giuseppe Viganò, Mauro Lipparini, Donato D’Urbino and Paolo Lomazzi – in 2010 several rising stars in the international design world worked with Bonaldo: for example, Afroditi Krassa, a Greek designer based in London who already boasts important commissions and awards; the young Italian Max Piva, resident in Vienna, with his first “solo” work; and Matthias Demacker, German by nationality and cosmopolitan in spirit and design.

Thirty new articles will be launched at the Salone del Mobile 2010 and three new materials will be used: Corian®, a multilaminate of recomposed and stratified woods and microcellular solid RIM material.  Bonaldo thus confirms that it is an extremely positive moment for the company, which ended 2008 in line with 2007, a year in which growth was in double figures and, after a slight downturn in the early months of 2009, the year ended positively.

The key to success has been the determination with which Bonaldo has maintained its strategies. From the sales point of view it has increased its network on traditional markets and opened new ones. Today exports amount to 60% of turnover (40% on European markets and 20% worldwide). At an international level there are still around 120 top clients, which are amongst the leading retailers worldwide: guaranteeing the company a high level of visibility and representing a powerful point of strategic and commercial reference.

To celebrate 70 years of activity Bonaldo has also produced a monograph in which it traces its history with pride, brio and irony and hints at an event that will represent a new phase of growth.  2010 will see the opening of the new company showroom, a space of around 5000 m² in line with Bonaldo’s image and designed by Mauro Lipparini, the author of various products for the company.

Visit the Bonaldo website – here.