The Agura Sofa by Hisae Igarashi

January 11, 2010

Japanese designer Hisae Igarashi has created the Agura Sofa for the manufacturer SAJICA.

Description from SAJICA:

It is so unique to feel Igusa on sofa and ottoman. The products are made in the pure Japanese Igusa, which is very eco friendly material and so kind to environments. It is adjusting the humidity in the air; sometimes adsorbs and sometimes evaporates it on the right timing. Also it adsorbs and purify the toxic substance such as formaldehyde in a room. In Japanese traditional lifestyle, we had always Tatami and Shoji, to be combined well with a wall made of mud and mortar, it is warm in winter, and it is cool and comfortable in summer. We think it is very important to take advantage of good aspects in old days and well applied to our modern life style. Harmony between traditional wisdom and modern innovative design. It will surely give our life better changes and nicer feelings to each family.

SAJICA will exhibit the Agura Sofa at the upcoming 2010 IMM Cologne show in Germany.

Send inquiries about the Agura Sofa to:
Miki Mohri
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