The Ankara Star Collection by Constance Guisset

September 23, 2010

French designer Constance Guisset has created the Ankara Star collection of furniture for a project she completed at the French Institute of Turkey in Ankara.


Description from Constance Guisset:

The project for the French Institute of Turkey in Ankara was initiated in 2008 with the competition won in collaboration with Turkish architect Gül Gulven. My task was to conceive the whole ground floor area, including the welcoming desk, the café-bar and a bookshop, with the challenge of designing furniture that would be realized by Turkish craftsmen in Turkey.

Making a great point in proposing a harmonious area while simplifying exchanged with a limited number of interlocutors, I decided to design a whole collection with a single material combination: lower parts in plied metal and wooden tops. Moreover, the people’s circulation complexity in a space that is mainly a passing area towards class rooms led me to consider the project with circular shapes that would be set like changing constellations.

Thus came the “Star collection”, from the name of the new area where the French Institute of Turkey in Ankara was moving to. It consists of fifteen elements like a stool, a bat stool, a coffee table, a large table, two bars, a welcoming desk, two shelves and five exhibition stands for the library.

They are painted in grey nuances except for the main elements (bar-desk and cashier) which are recognizable from their black colour.

Visit Constance Guisset’s website – here.