The Aperto Chair by Caroline Havag

February 3, 2009

Caroline Havag, a design student at Norway’s Oslo National Academy of the Arts, has created the Aperto Chair.

Four straight legs, a comfortable seat and an unpretentious, straight back: how to design a chair along these lines that is simple, yet at the same time exciting to look at? The solution was to use only one type of material, in one coherent form.

The chair Aperto looks as if it has been cut out of a solid block of plywood, but is in fact constructed of many layers, like a sandwich. The holes in the back and seat, inspired by Le Corbusier, help to lighten the appearance of its otherwise very compact form. The holes are emphasised with a choice of colours. The plywood gives the chair the strength it needs in order to retain its slim shape.

Caroline will join her fellow students from the Academy when they present their latest work at the 2009 Stockholm Furniture Fair (February 4th-8th).