The Architectural Association’s 2009 Summer Pavilion

July 3, 2009

The Architectural Association School of Architecture has unveiled their 2009 summer pavilion in London’s Bedford Square. The pavilion’s concept author, Danecia Sibingo, and her three team members, Lyn Hayek, Yoojin Kim, and Taeyoung Lee have named their work “Driftwood”

Inspired by images of the Jordanian city of Petra, Sibingo sought a sensuous and overwhelming spatial effect which she achieved with her original ‘Driftwood Space’ concept. Sibingo’s ideas were manifested through a computer-generated script which manipulated the movement of lines in a continuous parallel fashion, creating line drawings which formed the basis of a plan. Her interests revolved around carving, eroding and layering. She was joined by the other three team members who each added their own input, character and flavour to enrich the project. The final design consists of twenty-eight layers of plywood which conceal an overall internal ‘Kerto’ (a renewable spruce plywood) structural system.

Photographer Nathan Willock has provided us with some photos of the pavilion:

Photography by Nathan Willock –