The Bansko Boo Seating Collection by Mirko Tattarini

May 7, 2009

Taking inspiration from Bulgarian design of the second half of the twentieth century, with a particular focus on the Soviet period, designer Mirko Tattarini of Lagos Design has created the Bansko Boo seating collection for the Bulgarian manufacturer Design Apparat.

Visit the Design Apparat website – here.   Visit the Lagos Design website – here.

The BANSKO BOO armchair, ottoman, and sofa are informal seating that combine the hospitality of upholstery, emblematic of the bulky solidity of Bulgarian furniture, with the dashing levity of the chromed legs.

Made of plywood finished with wax, plus steel legs and padding of polyurethane foam, it is available in natural linen, grey velvet corduroy, grey with stripes in eco-leather and orange with stripes in eco-leather.

An obsessive modular repetition is the leitmotif of the design development of the BANSKO BOO chair. A chair that draws its iconic force from the orthogonal series of boomerangs that determine the form of the seat, in a suspended relation between emptiness and matter.

Made of plywood finished with wax, plus tubular steel, BANKO BOO can be completed with a fabric cushion for added sitting comfort.

The designer – Mirko Tattarini: