The Bardot Seating Collection by Jaime Hayon for Bernhardt

August 9, 2010

Spanish designer Jaime Hayon has created the Bardot seating collection for Bernhardt Design.

Bardot will be exhibited during the London Design Festival in September.


The Bardot Collection by Jaime Hayon for Bernhardt

Brigitte Bardot!  The mere mention of her name still unleashes a million fantasies.  A half-century after her debut, Bardot resurfaces through the imagination of Spanish design star Jaime Hayon as a curvaceous and alluring seating ensemble.  Viewing icons through a new lens is second nature to Hayon who has produced an acclaimed body of work for leading brands including:  Baccarat, Swarovski Crystal Palace, Camper, Bisazza and Fabergé.  Bardot is Hayon’s second collection for Bernhardt Design following the release of the ‘Serious Fun’ textile collection with frequent contributor Nienke Klunder.  The introduction will be unveiled in Europe and North America in September 2010.

Just as the curves of the human body flow into one another, the same can be said of the Bardot.  The absence of distinct angles and lines permit the exterior and interior to gently merge together, creating a continuous form that allows fabric to conform to its shape, similar to the way a dress fits the body.  Inspired by the feminine silhouette, Hayon wanted the sofa to “feel like a fruit, tender to the touch,” while at the same time be extremely durable “like combining the lightness and strength of a ballerina.”  Known for his artistic proclivity, Hayon demonstrates that creativity and practicality are not mutually exclusive.  “Many sofas are too big to actually use in city apartments, so I wanted to make one that looked big and felt generous, but would actually work in smaller spaces.” Even though it may have a deceivingly compact footprint, the comfortable and functional Bardot retains an impressive elegance regardless of its location.

Classifying furniture pieces and where they fit in the general design landscape is often thought to be an easy task, but Jerry Helling, President of Bernhardt Design, has conflicting feelings about Bardot.  “Initially I thought I understood the design and now I’m not as sure.  Some days I think it is baroque or classical and others I see it as pop or modern, so the only thing I’m sure of is that it’s good.”  The collection has the ability to project significantly different personalities depending on the setting and circumstances.  Unique in this regard, the underlying impression is that the sofa is a timeless creation, much like the indelible image of Bardot herself.   Helling concludes, “Everyone likes to label people and objects, but Hayon’s design truly defies categorization.”

The collection is comprised of 87”sofas, 72” loveseats and chairs.  The form-fitted exterior is balanced by a luxurious interior which achieves amazing comfort by combining an advanced spring support system, high density foam, and fiber fill.  Hayon chose unique combinations of knitted fabrics to highlight the contours of the piece.  The exterior, upholstered in a geometric design, transitions to a soft solid interior of jersey knit or stretch velvet.  Wide arrays of colors are available in commercial grade knits, or Bardot may be specified in any Bernhardt textile or the customer’s own material.

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