The Bitta Collection by Rodolfo Dordoni for KETTAL

September 16, 2010

Italian architect Rodolfo Dordoni has designed the Bitta collection for Spanish manufacturer KETTAL


Description from Rodolfo Dordoni:

Bitta is characterised by a combination of aluminium frames , seats of braided polyester and comfortable cushions, teak and stone for the table tops all completely weatherproof materials. My aim was to create dense braiding that would still let the air through, reminiscent of the braiding of the ropes used to moor boats (hence the name Bitta, which means mooring in Italian), which makes the pieces look lightweight but, at the same time, they look just like cosy nests in natural colours to sit back and relax in.

Visit the KETTAL website – here.

Visit Rodolfo Dordoni’s website – here.