The Bowen Mountain House by CplusC Architecture

August 26, 2010

CplusC Architecture have designed the Bowen Mountain house in New South Wales, Australia.


Description from the architects:

Conceived as a simple weekender, this pavilion house grew into something a lot more substantial. Landscaping, a pool, pool house and sauna were added to the original brief, with spectacular results. The house has a steel frame that was welded on-site prior to being shot-blasted and finished with a two-part epoxy paint system. This is one of the longest lasting corrosion protection systems available today.

New and recycled Australian hardwoods were used to frame the steel structure. Soft-toned grey steel used for the dramatically angled roof blends with the muted tones of the surrounding bush. Glass was used extensively throughout the home, with dramatic effect. The structure seems to almost hover over the site and indoor and outdoor spaces merge seamlessly.

Visit the CplusC Architecture website – here.