The Bradley Residence by Michael P. Johnson

December 6, 2008

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona is the Bradley Residence designed by Michael P. Johnson.

From the architects:

The home gently rests on a knoll in a neighborhood located in Scottsdale, Arizona. The east and west ends are supported by steel columns, making the structure appear as if it is hovering above the desert floor.

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Photography by Bill Timmerman

The entry to the home is a promenade enclosed by the walls of the 4 car garage to the north, and the walls of the residence to the south. This feature directs the home owner or visitor to the main entry door. The axis of the cantilevered overhang above the entry continues to the opposite end of the house, above the south patio and deck.

Trex, a recycled material, was used as the flooring material for the south façade patio deck which stretches the entire length of the house. However, the decking is separated in the center by a 1’-0” x 2’-0” full body porcelain tile, made in Italy, for the main pool and spa patio. A 10’-0” cantilevered roof overhang provides shade for the patio, deck and glazing; the roof overhang also stretches across the entire south façade of the residence. Glass partitions separate the indoor space from the outdoor space, but provide extensive views of the surrounding desert and mountains.

Four of the six sliding glass partitions in the living room open onto the pool patio creating a 24’-0” uninterrupted opening. This detail links the main living space to the outdoor patio, pool and spa generating a kind of outdoor pavilion. The exterior finish of the residence is sand float stucco that was painted an off-white color inspired by nearby rock outcroppings. The off-white color produces a sense of coolness in the hot desert sun.

The interior walls and ceiling are finished with a level five gypsum board finish painted chalk white allowing a clean backdrop for the clients many pieces of fine art works. The flooring material is 1’-0” x 2’-0” full body porcelain tile from Italy which matches the tile used on the pool patio, however, the interior tile is polished whereas the exterior tile is matte finish. The cabinets throughout the house, including the kitchen, home office and bedrooms were manufactured in Italy as well.

Finally, although the house has neighbors nearby, it was designed in such a way to ensure privacy. Visiting the house, one feels as if they are situated in the open desert surrounded by the mountains beyond.