The Burn Series by Oso Industries

April 2, 2009

New York based Oso Industries have sent us a preview of a new collection they will be showing at the 2009 BKLYN Designs show and ICFF in May.

The Burn series has an interesting story behind its creation.

From Oso Industries:

In March of 2008, a large fire burned the roof and top floor of the 100-year old Brooklyn building that is home to Oso Industries. Although no one was hurt, and our ground floor shop came through relatively unscathed, some pets died, and a lot of property was lost. It was a sad and unfortunate experience for everyone in the building.

During the roof’s reconstruction, workers cut out and carted through our shop these huge charred beams with a thick, unique texture. We decided to take this remainder of a destructive event and turn it into something constructive, reinventing the burned wood as polished concrete surfaces for our furniture. Using rubber, we created a mold from the most interesting of these beams, and the Burn series was born.

We used blackened concrete with the charred texture as the base for our Burn Lamp, which we coupled with a mahogany and poplar shade to bring the wood — both natural and reinvented — together with light.

We also joined the charred texture with beautifully incongruous polished stainless steel rebar for the table bases. While heavy and industrial in texture and form, the rebar is also slender and luminous, and it meets the burnt concrete to a create side table, a console table and a media cart that are at once stout and airy, dark and deeply textured, and bright and smoothly polished.

Visit the website of Oso Industries – here.