The Cahoots Collection by EOOS at NeoCon 2010

June 19, 2010

At the 2010 NeoCon show in Chicago, the Canadian manufacturer Keilhauer introduced Cahoots, a new lounge seating series designed by the Austrian design group EOOS.


Description from Keilhauer:

Keilhauer introduces Cahoots, a new series designed by EOOS, that answers the question: what happens in a lounge space? “People meet, or work, or just relax,” explains Mike Keilhauer, President, Keilhauer. “We looked at all the ways people interact in different kinds of spaces, and designed a product that accommodates all those interactions.”

Based on a modular concept, each piece in the Cahoots line has its own individual function, but all pieces can be combined in unlimited ways to create flexible lounge landscapes. Cahoots includes side and lounge chairs, sofas, sectionals, and tables. Some elements are lightly-scaled, movable pieces, for impromptu rearranging, while others are larger, solid pieces that can define an area within a space.

“We didn’t just think about the spatial relationship between furniture and the spaces it inhabits,” explains Gernot Bohmann, Principal, EOOS. “Our goal was to integrate social components in our design concept. The Meet chair (a triangular club chair) for example, is ideal forcommunicating in a small group of up to four people. If you place four Meet chairs in a square, you create a private environment, open to the people inside the circle, who are shielded from outside distractions.”

In contrast, the Work chair, when combined with the Notebook table, builds a place for concentration, ideal for single workers. Relax, an upholstered shell chair, works well for relaxation, or for more casual seating when using a laptop or notebook computer.

“We considered the current proliferation of laptop, netbook, and smart phone users,” says Jackie Maze, VP Sales & Marketing, Keilhauer. “We needed to accommodate the intuitive casual postures of people using these wireless technologies, so Cahoots chairs are diverse in their size, shape, pitch, and depth.” More often than not, people are also eating and drinking while they use their netbooks and phones, therefore, Cahoots side chairs are intentionally designed with a space between the seat and the back so that no crumbs will be trapped, and they can be quickly cleaned when the occupants change.

Despite their intelligent, sophisticated design, and their very practical purposes, Cahoots pieces display a touch of whimsy, which makes them versatile and adaptive, for public or private spaces. “The sectional elements, though few, create limitless combinations,” continues Ms. Maze. “Starting with an inside or outside corner, you can add linear elements in either direction, using more corner pieces with single and 2-seat pieces, to create winding, S-shapes, circles and squares. What fun!”

What makes Cahoots especially versatile is that all the pieces work individually, or in concert with each other, and they can also be combined with other furniture, to create even more combinations and permutations. The Cahoots refined aesthetic unifies the collection, but its sophisticated style does not overwhelm pieces from unrelated collections.

Visit the Keilhauer website – here.