The Caruaru Collection by Rosenbaum

August 10, 2010

Brazillian designer Marcelo Rosembaum has created the Caruaru furniture collection.

Rosembaum Office has created a new line of furniture, sold only at Micasa store and manufactured by Artefama Industry. Caruaru is a line of furniture inspired on the improvise of Caruaru fair, one of the biggest open fairs of the world, a Brazilian cultural asset, over 200 years in the Agreste of Pernambuco.

The furniture design brings the constructive fundaments and shapes of the furniture exposed at the fair. The main material is the cultivated PINUS wood, natural. When they are colored, the furniture gets the yellow tons of the Agreste Sun, blue tons of the Agreste, guará gray, mandacarú green, carcará black or orange chestnut. The collection is composed by tables, easy chairs, benches, chairs, rack, bookcases, buffet, shelves and also hanger and floor luminary, with a total of 19 items. Some parts were made with recycled pet bottle lines.

The furniture can also be printed with the exclusive xilogravuras of J. Borges, one of the most popular artists of Brazil, master of cordel literature illustration, also responsible for the creation of the Caruaru Logo. Choices made respectingthe natural beauty of the Brazilian Northeast.

Visit Marcelo Rosembaum’s website – here.