The Choy Residence by Terry & Terry Architecture

August 12, 2008

This home in San Francisco’s Noe Valley, was renovated with the help of Terry & Terry Architecture, who transformed the existing 1960’s house into an open plan modern dwelling.

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From the architects:

The design for this renovation consists of the subtraction of specific existing walls and parts of the existing roof to let in natural light and improve circulation.  This includes hollowing out the space at the rear of the house to accomodate an exterior deck and capture views to the north.  We also carved out an entry way at the center of the house, which allows natural light to spill into the main floor core. In the center of the dwelling we inserted a stair/light shaft through all levels to provide circulation between floors and to illuminate the walls with daylight.

We used ipe wood strips as the skin of the structure, the ipe wood skin is devised as a double wall system, in which horizontal ipe strips are placed over vertical, furring strips.  This allows ventilation between the skin and the underlying wall, thus avoiding heat build up in the wall and interior spaces. Large glazed openings in the front and rear of the home create transparency and visual connections between indoor and outdoor spaces.

The roof is designed to collect water run-off which will be stored in future holding tanks located in the utility/basement area under the home and is gravity-fed to the garden irrigation system for use in the dry season.  The north end of the roof is also designed to accomodate photo voltaic solar panels.

Visit the Terry & Terry Architecture website – here.