The Coussin Sofa by Inga Sempé

February 16, 2009

French designer Inga Sempé has created the Coussin Sofa for Norwegian manufacturer L.K. Hjelle

From Inga Sempé:

Coussin is a sofa which looks simpathetic and soft and in which one feels good. It was conceived for adults and children. It is simply made of a base bed with a mattress on which is fixed a long cushion, with loose ends which can be put where you desire. It is like being on a bed using pillows under your head, under your feet, wraping yourself into them, or just sitting comfortably. Coussin can be both a nest and a sofa.

(Coussin means pillow in french).

Visit Inga Sempé’s website – here.   Visit L.K. Hjelle’s website – here.