The Dekka Daybed by FurnID

January 27, 2009

The FurnID design studio has created the Dekka Daybed for manufacturer Fredericia Furniture.

From Fredericia Furniture:

Danish design and Arabic cultural heritage form a beautiful union in Fredericia Furniture’s new Dekka daybed, a work that features both clean lines and intricate ornamentation.

Investing in Fredericia Furniture’s new daybed, Dekka, is almost like buying a work of contemporary art. The seat features a beautiful hexagonal pattern that gives Dekka an artistic style that is entirely its own. Thanks to its unique appearance, Dekka will add character to any room – while also providing soft and comfortable seating.

Dekka, which means “a seat for more than one person”, arose through an encounter of contrasts. Soft and hard, light and dark, ornamentation and minimalism, and of course beauty and function. The piece was created by FurnID, and the three designers choose to blend elements of the Danish design tradition with details stemming from Arabic culture. On account of its unique, elegant pattern, the designers refer to the striking piece as “decorative furniture”.

Visit Fredericia Furniture’s website – here.   Visit the FurnID website – here.

“The asymmetrical hexagon can be repeated infinitely, creating a dynamic pattern. The Arab world has always viewed symmetry as divine: the more stringent the symmetry, the closer to God. But Dekka was made for people, not gods, and when it comes to people, nothing is predictable or symmetrical. The asymmetry represents imperfection and human nature,” explains FurnID’s Bo Strange.

FurnID originally created Dekka for entry in a competition announced by Danish Furniture in 2007. The assignment was to create an item of furniture that conveyed the idea of integration, and Dekka symbolises the encounter of two worlds – the Danish and the Arabic. The one world does not dominate the other, but the interplay between the two cultures and traditions gives rise to a fascinating, unique and highly functional work of design. Fredericia Furniture is proud to add this elegant item of furniture to our collection.

Visit Fredericia Furniture’s website – here.   Visit the FurnID website – here.