The Dondola Seating Collection by Defne Koz

January 21, 2009

Turkish designer Defne Koz has sent us images of her Dondola seating that she has designed for the Izmir, Turkey based manufacturer Megaron.

From Megaron:

With her new collection “Dondola”, Defne Koz shaped an apparently ‘old’ and ‘cold’ material, stainless steel, in a way that is much more suitable for the domestic environment. Using new welding technologies to achieve completely seamless volumes, with no part-lines, no visible welding lines and soft shapes, the ‘Dondola’ designs give a softer appearance to metal, by folding it to gentle curves. Defne Koz also introduced laser-cut micro-perforations to create a very subtle decoration that adds detail and quality to the designs.

Visit the Megaron website – here.  Visit the Defne Koz website – here.

Defne Koz