The Dressed-Up Furniture Series by Kamkam

November 23, 2010

Korean design studio Kamkam have created the Dressed-Up Furniture series.


Description from the designers:

The theme of “Dressed-up furniture series” is to combine clothes and furniture. It will make you feel fresh by mixing the familiar elements of normal actions like fastening a button and daily furniture like stool, storage and bench.

Dressed up stool
The button on this personified stool is not just a visual effect but a new experience of extended actions such as storing, opening and closing doors. The upholstery can be locked by the three buttons on the side and also fixed by rolling it up using a magnet when you store something inside. The highly elastic soft sponge of upper side guarantees durability of the comfortable seat.

“Cham” is mingled with clothes in terms of functional and shape. Consumers can experience more flexible and higher level of ‘Opening’ and ‘Closing(Locking)’ with this little cabinet which is formed by upholstery method.  It can be fastened by the belt or the inner magnet which fixes the belt-door rolled. The size of the door can store little sundries. The furniture is named after the North Pole monster ‘Cham’, a character of Korean novel. The shape of the furniture ‘Cham’ has soft appearance that resembled mild and comforts people by the inherent intimacy. This is a reddot design award winning product 2010.

Cham bench
The series of ‘Cham’, mixed of clothes and bench.
Using elastic sponge on upper side and finishing the external with Upholstery method, ‘Cham-bench’ will give you durable comfort.

Belt felt
‘Union’, the theme of “Belt Felt,” is structurally applied clothes and furniture. The clothing concept ‘belt’ blended to furniture has functionality that assigns flexibility to opening and closing doors.  The fabric, which is not woven, but compressed by strong heat and moisture, emphasizes the theme ‘Union.’

Visit the Kamkam website – here.