The Drew Dining Table and Coat Stand by Purewhyte

May 6, 2009

Purewhyte is a new design brand founded by London based designer Kirsty Whyte in 2008.

During the 2009 Salone del Mobile furnishings show, Purewhyte exhibited the Simplexity Collection, which includes the Drew dining table and coat stand. According to Kirsty, the core principle that defines the Simplexity Collection is simplicity layered with complexity, resulting in a pure design. “I try to remain true to function & exploit a materials integral property, in order to create a purely designed piece of work. Most of my designs come from one continuous shape or line, which can then be embellished or adapted into a range.” says Kirsty.

Visit the Purewhyte website – here.

The Drew Dining Table is made from a continuous piece of steel, creating an intricate and intriguing table that verges on forming an optical illusion that is visible from all angles thanks to the tempered clear glass top that the base supports.

The Drew Coat Stand uses the same design language as the table, but the form has been manipulated to allow for 6 apposing hooks to be created.

Visit the Purewhyte website – here.