The Drop Stool Series by Jacob Marks for Skram

May 17, 2009

At the 2009 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), Skram Furniture has debuted the Drop Stool collection by American designer Jacob Marks.

The initial release of Skram’s Drop Stool Series is a loose grouping of four pieces, bound by function and material. The Drop Stools are an exploration of volume and elemental geometry. Of the four stools, three—Corkdrop12, Corkcube14, and Corkdrop16—are made of solid, high density cork, and one, Wooddrop14, is offered in solid wood. As their names suggest, the four pieces are offered in fixed heights of 12, 14, or 16 inches.

Speaking of the inspiration for the Series, Marks says, “Cork is so easy, so forgiving, but still dense, tough and resilient. It’s renewable, water resistant, and texturally fascinating.” The material, which Marks has been experimenting with for years, is remarkable on a number of levels, and perfectly suited to the form. “I wanted to do something more playful with these,” Marks continues, “and I’ve always been a fan of the low stool. The Drop Stools are everyday furniture in the truest sense—they’re beautiful but they’re not too precious. No one is going to be afraid to use these. Around the fireplace on a winter Sunday or on the porch on a summer night—these stools are truly flexible.”

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The Corkcube14:


The Corkdrop12:

The Wooddrop14:

The designer – Jacob Marks: