The Dyes Inlet Residence by Arkinetic

May 6, 2010

Arkinetic have designed the Dyes Inlet Residence in Bremerton, a suburb of Seattle, Washington.

Full description after the photos….


The Dyes Inlet Residence by Arkinetic:

This custom residence, located eight miles west of Seattle, Washington on Dyes Inlet, consists of a main house, a studio/garage, a boat storage shed and a boathouse.

The main house, with a centralized atrium flanked by two wings, is a study of mass and light. The north wing houses public spaces and the south provides private bedrooms. These masses provide privacy from the neighbors and offset the transparency of the atrium. Exposed within the atrium are the composite wood and steel structure, the main stair and the bridge linking the two wings. Pushed off the north and south faces of the wings respectively are, battered concrete walls which serve as bookends and sandwich two stories of glass and a skylight above providing circulation spaces within.

A concrete datum wall and water feature link the studio/garage to the main house. The datum wall continues within the atrium and is broken by a stone chimney which serves as a visual and structural anchor. The wall moves again to the exterior, splitting a public patio with its view of Mt. Rainier from a private bedroom patio and koi pond. The terminus of the datum wall is a jacuzzi atop the bank.

The studio/garage consists of parking and workspace below with a studio and deck above. The primary orientation of the studio is to the south with glazing on four sides. The studio deck looks down the datum wall through the central glass atrium of the main house to the inlet beyond.

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